“ We just had an insured stop in to express how pleased he was with an auto claim and handling of medical bills. Kind of nice to get a visit like that!!!!! It doesn't happen much in the insurance world! ”

Mark W. (Broker)


Insurance and loss prevention go hand in hand. We are owned by our policyholders and our primary goal is to help our policyholders.
Loss prevention is an important part of that help.

Oil Tanks

Oil Tanks

Each home is unique and so is every home insurance policy. Some home insurance policies may cover the loss of, or damage to, your property (house and contents) resulting from an oil spill while others may not. Soil damage is usually not covered.

The liability coverage provided by your home insurance policy may cover – up to the limit purchased – any liability you incur when an unintentional oil spill on your property contaminates your neighbour’s property.

Intentional acts will not be covered under home insurance liability coverage.

Speak to your insurance broker about what your specific policy covers.

Don’t wait until an oil spill occurs.