Peel Mutual has been providing quality insurance products and serving Ontario residents since 1876. As one of the largest members of the Ontario Mutuals, we are owned and directed by our policyholders and represent one of the strongest, most secure financial networks in the world. We offer a complete line of residential, automobile, farm and commercial insurance products tailored to protect you and your family. Please contact one of our agents or brokers today for a quote.


The County of Peel Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company began on April 28th, 1876. PMI has grown steadily to become one of the largest mutual insurance companies in Ontario and is proud to be a member of the Ontario Mutual Insurance Association. From our origins in Peel County, we have grown to serve most of Ontario with quality, sustainable insurance products for your home, Automobile, farm or business needs, available through our network of professional Agents and Brokers.

Our Story


To be a provider of quality insurance products and services driven by our commitment to excellence.


We will strive to become our customers’ most trusted partner by creating sustainable value for our brokers, agents, policyholders and employees.

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The insurance industry has become more complex with its own language of terms, legal issues and subtle details. You need a knowledgeable expert at every stage of the process to interpret these rules and what they mean for you. Your Agent or Broker's personal advice and support can be invaluable as your insurance needs and requirements evolve through different life stages and events.



Insurance and loss prevention go hand in hand. We are owned by our policyholders and our primary goal is to help our policyholders.
Loss prevention is an important part of that help.



Precipitation in the form of snow causes two problems to properties:

  1. It can be very heavy and result in the collapse of a building roof. There are ways that this problem can be addressed and prevented:
    • Check the structure of your buildings to determine if the roofs, walls and foundations are solid, well-maintained and able to support the amount of snow that can fall.
    • Make sure that there is not a large buildup of snow on the roof. Contractors can be hired, if necessary, to perform roof snow clearing work.
  2. When snow melts and re-freezes on your roof, it blocks the flow of water into the eavestrough with the result that the water gets under the shingles and leaks into your house. Make sure that the roof area at the eavestrough is kept free from a buildup of ice and snow.
“ ...thank you so much for your quickness and efficiency....your company has been so supportive and caring....I look forward to years of being a loyal client. ”

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