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“ …a quick note of thanks for the service our clients received on their claim. Our client stopped in to say Thank you and the service was all they could ask for. ”

Ken .O (Broker)


Insurance and loss prevention go hand in hand. We are owned by our policyholders and our primary goal is to help our policyholders.
Loss prevention is an important part of that help.

Hit & Run

Hit & Run

Minor shopping centre accidents are a common and expensive occurrence. All too often, if someone hits another vehicle in the parking lot, they will drive off and then report that someone hit their vehicle.

  • If you see this happen, take note of the vehicle, license number, date, time and location. Write the information down on a card and put it on the windshield of the car that was hit. Include your name and phone number. There is a sense of satisfaction knowing that you stopped someone from getting away with an accident.