Loss of Farm Income Insurance

Your home, farm buildings, equipment and livestock are all insured. Should the worst happen, protection is in place. Right?


Who is going to pay for your continuing expenses such as mortgage, farm loans, property taxes, heat, hydro, phone bills?

Who is going to pay to keep that key employee on staff?

If you have not insured your farm business to protect your loss of farm income, you have a big hole in your protection blanket.

The solution is:


It pays bills that keep coming in while your farming operation is being restored. It even provides a profit margin so you and your family can continue with an uninterrupted lifestyle.

All you need to do is ask your agent or broker to review the coverage with you. They will advise and assist you in developing a level of coverage specific to your needs.

Your local agent/broker knows your community and knows insurance. They can help you set up the insurance program you need.