Peel Mutual believes your best insurance option is to use an agent or broker local to you, who will understand your insurance needs. This section provides information on how to find an agent or broker near you as well as information on how Peel Mutual compensates its agents and brokers.

“ We just had an insured stop in to express how pleased he was with an auto claim and handling of medical bills. Kind of nice to get a visit like that!!!!! It doesn't happen much in the insurance world! ”

Mark W. (Broker)


Insurance and loss prevention go hand in hand. We are owned by our policyholders and our primary goal is to help our policyholders.
Loss prevention is an important part of that help.

Machinery Maintenance & Use

Machinery Maintenance & Use

Every year, farmers lose valuable time during peak periods throughout the year as a result of fire losses to tractors and harvesting equipment.

  • Take time to properly inspect your machinery for deficiencies, paying special attention to the electrical and fuel systems.
  • All self-propelled equipment should have the engine compartments inspected/cleaned on a daily basis to ensure the area is free of combustible material.
  • Do not allow riders on equipment not properly equipped for same, or allow unqualified operators to operate equipment anywhere.
  • Make sure that all towed vehicles are properly attached with a safety chain in accordance with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) requirements.
  • When moving equipment on the road and after dusk, ensure that proper signage and lighting for signals are provided as required by the MTO.