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Preparing Your Home for Winter

The cold months ahead bring a new set of concerns for homeowners. Whether it’s heating, pipes or pests it’s important to be prepared for the season. How can you make your home cozy, comfortable and winter-ready this fall?

First, it’s important to do a safety-check on your heating system. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a wood-burning stove, a furnace or another system, be sure to have it professionally cleaned and checked for safety before using it regularly.

You should also take care of your pipes. Padding your pipes with tubular pipe insulation will prevent them from freezing. This will save you from a potential burst pipe and the subsequent flood. When the coldest days hit, another way to prevent freezing is to keep your faucet running slightly.

To make your home is cozy despite whatever is happening outside, modify your air-flow. Use your ceiling fan’s reverse setting to run the blades clockwise after turning on the heat. This will create an updraft and push down heated air from the ceiling.

Part of being prepared is having your gear accessible. Pull out your salt and gravel containers and swap out summer tools for winter equipment, like shovels, snow-blowers and outdoor supplies. You should also store your gas mower with a full tank of fuel and add a fuel stabilizer.

Finally, don’t forget to ward off those pesky pests! Close off any existing holes in walls, especially in the attic where mice, rats and raccoons commonly seek warmth in winter.  

Make sure your home is ready for the cold (even when you aren’t!) Click the Homeowner’s Winter Checklist below to download.

Winter Home Checklist

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