Manure Storage Facilities

Manure storage facilities have become a serious concern. No one wants to be responsible for loss of life or pollution of our valuable water supply.

  • Livestock producers should plan, design, construct and manage their manure storage facilities in a manner that does not create a risk of contaminating ground water.
  • All open liquid manure storages should be enclosed with a permanent safety fence or wall extending not less than five feet (1.5 metres) above the adjacent grade and having gates with latches to restrict access by children or livestock.
  • Signage indicating the danger due to toxic gases should be installed at every access to a liquid manure storage tank or under-floor manure transfer chamber.
  • A liquid manure tank should never be entered unless proper precautions have been taken for confined space entry (contact the Farm Safety Association for more information on confined space entry).
  • Runoff controls should be in place for any facility where runoff from manure storage leaves the owner's property or adversely affects surface or ground water.

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